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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Double Plus?

Double Plus is into creating wealth and health through provision and innovation of daily use products.

How much does it cost to become DP Member

You have the option to select from suitable sets of products you pay for to become a member. We highly suggest speaking with your Sponsor regarding the best enrollment package to purchase to ensure you set yourself up for success.

Can I sign up as a Double Plus member if I am already affiliated with another company?

Absolutely! We take immense pride in nurturing the diverse passions and interests of our community. Rest assured, we are committed to ensuring that our company does not directly compete with individuals. Throughout the duration of your DP Membership agreement, it is important to note that you should focus on the successes of DP.

Do I have to sell a certain amount every month to get commission?

To stay commission qualified, you must remain active in terms of purchase.

How Do I enroll?

Joining is easy! You have multiple convenient options: sign up online, or contact the person who referred you directly. You also get to purchase our registration product. After successful signup, navigate to your Back Office to fimiliarze with the back up and the steps for commission processing.

What are the benefits to be come a Double Plus Member

In addition to commission earnings from your sales, Double Plus offers you several additional avenues to enhance your earnings, including a Referral Bonus. Moreover, you’ll accumulate Point Values through numerous activities aimed at fostering business growth, which can be redeemed, complimentary products, high-end merchandise, and much more.

Do I have to make a monthly purchase to get commission qual?

No, we do not require minimum monthly purchases from Double Plus.

Does Double Plus cover distribution of Products?

Yes we can provide support in the distribution of your products nationwide.

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